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Our Saree is incomplete without you. It is made for you. Every Saree at Reemly Design studio has a story behind it. It is an opportunity for us to explore the centuries-old cultures and heritage of Odisha and present it in 6 yards of elegance and make you a part of it. It is a result of the Passion and tireless Efforts of us, and our finest weavers of Odisha who have their heart and soul involved to create each masterpiece. It is woven with much love and care for you so that when you drape this hand-woven elegance, you feel satisfied. Each saree proudly depicts the Culture and Tradition and Pride of Odisha.

At Reemly Design Studio, we are backed with extensive handloom experience and ensure that we deliver the right quality & genuine Ikat Sarees to all our customers. We assure you that you receive your preferred saree at the exact cost and of the finest quality. These sarees straight come from the handloom and are delivered with the utmost care to our customers. These sarees can be shipped all over India and Worldwide with care.

The handloom sarees require the right care to maintain its beautiful lustre and increase its freshness
• Dry clean for the first wash
• Do not wash the Saree often.
• From the 2nd wash onwards, you may gently wash the saree with mild detergent.
• Avoid brushing the saree while washing
• Do not machine wash.
• Keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and don't squeeze the sarees as it may lead to permanent creases.
• Avoid direct sunlight for drying the saree to prevent color fading.
• In case of stains, wash immediately with cold water.
• Strictly avoid using dyes, bleach, harsh stain removers on these delicate fabrics.
• Iron at medium heat.
• Occasionally change the saree folds to avoid creases.

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    Thanks for always keeping your WordPress themes up to date. Your level of support and dedication is second to none.

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