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Odisha-born, Reemly Mohanty is one of the most acclaimed fashion designers of Odisha. Her creative designs reflect her deep love, and appreciation of the Handlooms of Odisha. Her timeless collections are a tribute to the rich cultural heritage and to the weavers of Odisha.

Reemly Mohanty is a self-taught designer and the style icon of Odisha. She is well known for her simple, elegant, yet unique fashion line. Her pursuit to explore the rich handloom heritage of Odisha, and recognizing the sincere efforts of the weavers, She founded Reemly Design Studio in June 2011.

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Bringing Handloom
Back in Vogue

Her love for handloom is inherited from her grandmother's soft and subtle handloom sarees. Taking inspiration from the purity and elegance of finely weaved handloom sarees, Reemly has been spreading the beauty of Odisha's Cotton and Silk handlooms all across the world for over 10+ years.

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Showcasing the Treasures of Odisha

Aafreen - 2018
Odisha Handloom
Bombay Times Fashion Week
Kalavati- Treasures of Odisha

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Reemly Design Studio

Reemly Design Studio is an exclusive designer studio specializing in vibrant and creative designer collections that are a tribute to the culture and tradition of Odisha.

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